About Me

My name is Brooke and I'm an artist (for FOREVER), wife of the best guy-EVER (10 years!) and a mom to two AMAZING kids-Cole (9) & Lilly (6). My passion for illustrating started as a young girl drawing on walls and has progressed to digital mediums. I attended the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Fashion Merchandise. Even though I wouldn’t go on with a career in fashion, the entire industry continues to fuel my passion and drive much of my creative design.

I'm inspired by and see the beauty all around me, but my family is my world. My husband, Matt, is the most loving and supportive human to ever live. He's my bear and we're a forever kind of thing. My two little bears are pure sunshine. My son is the most compassionate, thoughtful, kind, creative, smart, silly, athletic, artistic, (and oh SO HANDSOME) little boy there is. My daughter is undeniably BEAUTIFUL from the inside out. Lilly is strong willed, kind, cuddly, giggly, brilliant, loving, Disney obsessed, and is truly part mermaid. Lilly was diagnosed ASD at 15 months old. I took a little over a year hiatus from illustration, but found my way back once I saw Lilly progressing with her therapies.

We all have a journey and a purpose we need to discover for ourselves. My family is my purpose, but it's a journey because what I'm finding is that without self-care and personal growth, my kids don't progress-my FAMILY doesn't grow. With a healthier ME, comes a healthier family. So, I illustrate daily. It's my medicine.

You will always find current work on my Instagram @LittleThingsCustomCo

Little Bear Big Feelings, a children’s book written & illustrated by me, is available on Amazon.

I love to connect with other passionate people so please never hesitate to send me a message!